Mongo on MLab random disconnects


Hi all

I am having a really weird issue, where my meteor app loses its connection to MLab randomly. It happened a week ago and then again this morning. The Meteor app itself seems fine but any connection to Mongo does not work.

I have had this app in production for about 4 months with no issues whatsoever. If I restart the app, it connects straight away to Mongo with no issue.

Has anyone had a similar experience. Not sure where I should be looking for a fix!



I had experienced this as well. Completely random and I have not been able to figure out why.


I know its not a fix, but as a work around I am thinking of writing a quick cron using a bash script to restart my app every morning at around 3:00am. Do you mind confirming if you are using MLab, as I know they recently did upgrades. If not that, the problem probably lies with my Meteor app.

As a side note, my love for Meteor grows every day. I am about to release my second major app built with Meteor, and this issue is a tad concerning.


I received a notice from mLab about a pending AWS initiated maintenance

In order to minimize the effect of this AWS-initiated maintenance window, we are going to preemptively take this node down and move it to a different virtual machine rather than wait for your current virtual machine to undergo scheduled maintenance. Database connection details will remain the same, so no configuration changes will be necessary on your end.

I will keep my eye on my site if it affects the DB connection.


maybe related to ?


It might very well be related.


It’s probably the version of Meteor and MongoDb drivers being use doesn’t match up.