Mongo operator $pull not working

meteor mongo console (working):
db.projects.update({ _id: “uA2HeAZuggESbocxK”}, {$pull: {views: { _id: ‘ufy3XCRQfxarHjbsy’}}})

meteor shell console (not working):
Projects.update({ _id: “uA2HeAZuggESbocxK”}, {$pull: {views: { _id: ‘ufy3XCRQfxarHjbsy’}}})

First one works fine and removes object from array, second one ain’t. Just silently without errors doing nothing.
What I am doing wrong? Is there an alternative to remove object from array in Mongo using Meteor.methods ?

Just to mention, if someone else is looking for an answer.

If you are usein SimpleSchema, you have two options: the array field should be marked as optional

arr: {

Or use getAutoValues: false in update-query.

Coll.update({}, {$pull: {arr: ‘’}}, {getAutoValues: false});