Mongo Replica Set with Several Secondaries in Separate Locations

I am running a MongoDB replica set with several secondaries. All secondaries have closer ping times to the Meteor instance than the primary. All MongoDB instances are in separate physical locations, some with <5ms ping times, some with 130ms times.

I have this when running my Meteor app

Will this tell Meteor to write to the Primary and read from the CLOSEST Secondary based on ping times? server1 (furthest away) is the Primary. Server 2 and 3 are in separate places.

If the closest mongo Secondary goes down, will Meteor automatically start using the next mongo Secondary?

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This message is not very new, anyway I’ve got same issue.
I’m using as MONGO_URL:


but Meteor keeps querying only the primary (I can see it from mongo log: all my queries lands only on the primary).

Does anyone have any clue about this? It appears Meteor/mongo driver ignores the readPreference.

Hi i’m setting the MONGOURL in the forever service
export MONGO_URL=mongodb://,
not working for me…help needed