MongoDB 4.0 and related announcements


Just watched the keynote of the MongoDB World conference -

Quite a wish list covered. I would be very excited to see most (or just some) being supported by Meteor. I think it would be a nice “adrenaline shot” to Meteor…

Has anyone got multi-document ACID transactions to work in Meteor?

Agreed. With Ben Newman’s amazing work in v1.7 supporting optimized app packages for modern browsers – and the recent addition to Meteor of exact code splittingand @diaconutheodor 's recent working making relational lookups in Mongo about as fast as they are in SQL – and of course with @diaconutheodor 's redisoplog – and with transactions being added to Mongo – Meteor is looking more fantastic than ever.


I was at the conference last week; the keynote was totally nuts. I can’t believe all of the stuff Mongo is coming out with these days. Really incredible.


@veered, can you mention a few here that you found most interesting?


(1) ACID compliance in Mongo 4.0
(2) Meteor-like functionality: browser-side mongo updates with declarative permissioning, minimongo like functionality for mobile (local db + latency compensation)
(3) New UI for aggregation pipeline creation
(4) New analytics and visualization tool
(5) In-browser UI for editing the db & creating indices (very powerful when combined w/ performance advisor)
(6) All the random connectors (SQL interface, ODBC interface for excel)
(7) Improvements to change streams that might make replacing the oplog possible
(8) Automatic regional sharding & latency measurement in Atlas

And that’s just off the top of my head. There was SO much stuff. Apparently in 2016-2017 they spent a quarter of a billion dollars on R&D.

They are the only database company to go public in the past 20 years; the amount of effort being poured into Mongo development is just absurd. They are addressing pretty much every concern people traditionally have around Mongo.


(9) Stitch Triggers… Lots of possibilities here…
(10) Type conversions


The type conversions in aggregations are so awesome. Major pain point.


My personal favorite is how they made it easy in Atlas to manage instances across the globe. Would love to see something similar in Galaxy.


If only Atlas pricing was more reasonable…


Oh, I’m so excited!

ACID-compliance was way too important for my sphere, It was such a shame to switch off Meteor && mongodb.

Now that I’m switching job, I was already lit enough, thx to Meteor 1.7 & @diaconutheodor’s selfless support of grapher( Try it if u haven’t, folks! ). It was so fun getting mind-stuck, when people related to “wrong” (actual) mongodb, rather than grapher-flavored.

Really glad they got serious, this year is gonna be wonderful and its great to be back.


A lot of people are changing their minds about MongoDB with this new release. I really hope Meteor reflects that enthusiasm and updates their MongoDB package. I also think Change Streams are worth exploring. It would all fit nicely together.


Change streams would be great. For the uninitiated here is the feature request:

Other PRs related to MongoDB:

Really looking forward to this one (how is it going @mpowaga ?):


When would we see MongoDB 4 support in Meteor?

I need to use $convert.


it will be part of 1.8 which should be released RSN