MongoDB 4.4 and meteor 1.10 drivers


I’m just wondering if meteor 1.10 bundled driver supports the new release of MongoDB 4.4

I’m looking forward to try new features introduced.

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Even the latest npm mongo driver has no official support yet for Mongodb 4.4

I wonder if anyone run mongo 4.4 with meteor 2.0? Is it working?

We are using MongoDB 4.4.3 with Meteor 1.12.1 in production and works fine

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For me, Meteor 2.0 works fine with MongoDB 3.2.x - 4.4.x

Although, for upgrading from old MongoDB, it could require compabtibility 4.2 setting:

Restarting Wekan Docker containers with mongo:4.4, use mongo:4.2 instead · Issue #3247 · wekan/wekan · GitHub

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