MongoDb exception when starting app

Hello everybody. I’ve been installing metor on Windows 10 today, and I have an issue when I try to start the app. I used the following commands :

meteor create simple-todos
cd simple-todos

and I got

I saw many similar topics fixing it with deleting the mongod.lock file, but it does not exist in my folder. I tried to reset/rebuild the project, nothing worked…

Any suggestions ?

Thanks !

I had the same issue with my windows 8.1.

When I searched I found out a suggestion that, as a workaround, if your installation folder is C:/, create your project in D:/ etc. or vice versa. That worked for me

I also find another suggesstion from the following post:

That suggests “Create your Meteor project in C:/ instead of C:/users/user/documents/meteor or whatever!”

Maybe one of them might help you to solve your problem.