MongoDB hosting in Switzerland

This is probably a pretty niche problem for the community, but I want to find a mongoDB hosting solution in Switzerland, as we can’t let our data escape to Frankfurt or the USA. I’m wondering if other swiss devs have a solution.

Swisscom has it, but it can’t be accessed over the internet, so you have to run an app on their service and create either an ssh tunnel, or write an API on that app, that forwards requests to the mongoDB instance… link

We’re currently trying to contact Infomaniak as well, but it doesn’t seem to be well supported.

Ideally I’d like to avoid maintaining mongoDB, as we don’t really have the know-how (or time to acquire it).

cc @macrozone

I would recommend using swisscom to host your app then. „Mongodb as a service“ providers typically slow down everything because network requests leaving the datacenter (physically) make response times between your code and the db go up 10x+

we have some apps at that have a local mongodb.

Other apps are on kubernetes on google cloud in EU-zone, but we are about to setup a kubernetes cluster running on swiss server. Maybe i can share some insights or contacts once that is done.

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Azure has announced two new regions coming to Switzerland (North and West) soon. Once these are available, ScaleGrid will add support for them on our MongoDB Azure hosting plans. Check back soon! Disclaimer, I work at ScaleGrid.

Wow, that’s amazing, 2 regions in tiny Switzerland itself! These will be actual datacenters located in Switzerland right? Do you know the difference between a “region” and an “availability zone”?

Why should I use something like scalegrid instead of going directly to azure?

Yes, data centers coming soon to Switzerland! A region is a separate geographic area, and an availability zone (AZ) is an isolated location within that region.

The advantage of working through a DBaaS is that MongoDB is fully managed for you. You can create a cluster in a few clicks, automate your backups through a schedule, distribute your data across regions and AZ’s, and scale on demand. Most importantly though, if anything were to go wrong with your deployment, you have access to a team of MongoDB experts to help you quickly troubleshoot and resolve the issue to quickly get your application back online.

ScaleGrid’s advantage is in the users control. We’re the only multi-cloud DBaaS that lets you host in your own cloud account through our BYOC plans, which allow you to leverage Azure Virtual Networks, Security Groups, and Reserved Instances to reduce your long-term hosting costs up to 75%. Additionally, we’re the only fully managed MongoDB service that lets you keep full MongoDB admin access and SSH access to the machine. You can check out more of our advantages on our Compare MongoDB Providers page. Hope this helps!