MongoDB Live & MongoDB 4.4

The MongoDB live event is taking place these days.

Here are the new announcements:

They added many features and capabilities (Search, BI, real-time notifications, GraphQL API etc…) to atlas grouped into three main sections:

Few things that stood out to me in their new cloud offerings:

MongoDB seems to be growing really fast and it looks like they will be competing with Firebase and other cloud offerings.


Although I’m happy to see Atlas growing since I’m a user, but I’m a bit worried about their dominance and their cloud offering.

I’m personally not interested in another Firebase and would like to keep the database portable and the ecosystem competitive, add to that their SSPL license…

So, I wonder what other solid MongoDB providers are you guys using? Is anyone else concerned about that?

I think any increased use of MongoDB (self-hosted, as a service like Atlas, or as a platform like Realm) is all good in my view. More people seeing the benefit of a great open-source database. It would be relatively easy for people to start using Realm for example and one day use Atlas, or self-host on AWS or any other cloud on the planet.

I looked up the license change and it looks pretty safe. Basically it is just requiring competitors to Atlas or Realm products to open-souce the software they use to offer the service, which seems like a WIN WIN for the end users. Maybe we get better tools for self-hosting MongoDB out of that one day :grinning:

The begginer market seems to love starting with products like Firebase & now Realm because they have less to learn, so to me, more people will learn how great it is to store & query data MongoDB style. Over in the Vue Land community, I’ve heard some complaints about Firebase slowing down (maybe due to increased shared user-base, so those users moving to Realm or Atlas (ideally Meteor + Vue + Atals) would be a step in the right direction) :sunglasses:

I’ve been really happy with Atlas & Compass.

Just an added side note, I’ve seen a lot of users want to drop PostgreSQL in as a replacement to MongoDB in their stack. They could certainly use PostgreSQL in their stack if they like, but MongoDB is a database designed for distributed use (aka scaling) and PostgreSQL is not. This is obviously a huge deal when building apps that scale… like Meteor was designed for. So unless it is a hobby app perhaps, MongoDB is the ideal design decision.

MongoDB distributed clusters are a big deal to great apps:

PostgreSQL is not distributed, so it limits it’s future potential. Also data storage from JSON is native in MongoDB, such an easy choice for modern JS apps.

:+1::+1: for MongoDB


Thanks for the research @mullojo really helpful.

One thing for sure is that MongoDB is growing and it is growing and innovating really fast, which is a good thing.

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