MongoDB/Meteor - Connection to GUI fails after upgrading from free to M10?

I have a serious problem when I want to connect to my mongoDB database (MongoAtlas). I have used Studio3T, but now I am not able to connect to my db anymore. When I insert the Connection URI to 3T, I get the following response:

Connection failed.

|_/ Mongo Server error (MongoCommandException): Command failed with error 8000: 'could not find config for' on server 
|_... The full response is:
|_... { 

|_...     "ok" : NumberInt(0), 

|_...     "errmsg" : "could not find config for", 

|_...     "code" : NumberInt(8000), 

|_...     "codeName" : "AtlasError"

|_... }

I have also tried to connect via MongoCompass in case I copied a false URI, because it it detects the string from my clipboard. From Compass I get the following error:

Server at reports wire version 0,
but this version of Node.js Driver requires at least 2 (MongoDB2.6).
All of this happened after I have upgraded my cluster to M10.

Maybe it is a version issue?

I would appreciate any help, I need to solve this as soon as possible, please! Many thanks.