MongoDB Mobile: The embedded database from MongoDB


Just found out about MongoDB mobile:

Seems to offer something similar to minimongo for mobile apps. It also has sync function, which I find interesting. Sadly it isn’t in js.
Reminds me a bit of GroundDB, which I would in some form to see in core.


yep, just saw this Announcement too. Seems interesting.
We’re currently using React Native Meteor, which leveraged Redux to persist the MongoDB offline. See Wondering if this would be an alternative architecture?

Also, I see two core patterns for offline data storage for Meteor:

  1. the Meteor app’s core data (currently implemented by miniMongo) using pub/sub DDP

  2. “sundry” large data sets that applications may need that probably don’t make sense to implement using traditional pub/sub meteor publications… eg you may have thousands of product SKUs that need to be accesses offline, not sure it makes sense to use the miniMongo and pub/sub for this type of data… as it’s generally probably a one off.