Mongodb regex search ranking (easy-search package)


I am currently trying to integrate EasySearch package in my app using the MongoDB searcher. The question is actually well explained here. I am wondering if there can be any way of sorting the regex search result with relevance / number of matches.

For example,
Consider the following values of a field Title:

Toyota Camry 
Toyota Corolla 

And if I search for the term "Toyota Camry"
The regex search returns all 3 Toyota records because they all match one of the tokens (Toyota) with no preference to Toyota Camry.

I do not intend to use $text $search because I also need a $near filter with this query which is not allowed (according to the docs)

I am aware that this can be done with ElasticSearch but is this not possible with MongoDB? ElasticSearch has a lot more overhead and I do not have much experience with it and I think I will have to replicate (river?) the MongoDB.

I’ll have a look at this soon and keep you up to date on Github.