MongoDB + RocksDB at Nodechef

We have some exciting news to share: we are running MongoDB with the RocksDB storage engine in production for all Meteor apps hosted on Nodechef.

MongoRocks combines the extensive features of MongoDB with the speed and efficiency of RocksDB, creating a very powerful and scalable NoSQL database for your apps.
Some highlights of MongoRocks includes 50x increased writes over MMAP, an average of 90% reduction in storage space over MMAP and document-level locking for increased throughput.

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Sounds interesting, can you explain what this means for your customers?

Do customers benefit by their DB sizes being much lower because of the compression or does it simply have greater performance characteristics?

eg. Someones DB at mLab might have been 1000MB, will the same DB be reduced in size because of RocksDB and therefore not need to pay for more DB storage?

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High compression is a good way to reduce the cost of your database. For instance, if you use 2GB of storage with MongoDB’s MMAPv1, under WiredTiger or RocksDB, that comes down to just about 600MB. That’s huge cost savings!

At NodeChef, we are always looking for ways to save our users money since for many startups, hosting is often one of the major expenses. A good fraction of our customers, particularly those migrating data from have lots of data and have often requested WiredTiger because of its compression abilities. However WiredTiger uses a lot of RAM. RocksDB however doesn’t have high RAM requirements.

For $9/month, you can host your app together with fully managed dedicated mongodb at NodeChef.

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Can I host app on Galaxy and use your mongo hosting?

Hi, you can do that because all you need is the database connection string from NodeChef to use with Galaxy. The price remains the same which is still cheaper than going with compose. I hope this answers your question.

When I evaluated Nodechef last week I could not get the Nodechef MongoDB working from a remote Meteor project because Meteor uses Mongo 2.6.7 and not Mongo 3+ with which I did get it to work (from the mongo shell however). What is the trick to get this to work?

In what region do you host your DB?

The apps and databases are all hosted in the same data center in the US-east region. We however do not use AWS infrastructure as we use bare metal servers to provide the best performance for users.

I would like support for europe-based servers, really.

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