MongoDB should buy MDG

MongoDB is trying not to be eaten alive by AWS.


Buying MDG would give mongo:

  • a mature enterprise application framework they can push forward (think or AWS amplify)
  • apollo-client, its team (AWS amplify)
  • apollo engine stuff (they could do a prisma clone with mongoDB + graphql)
  • app server hosting with galaxy team


Alternatively, MDG could capitalize on growing interest in MongoDB by become the stack for it. Meteor is in a powerful position here because it doesn’t care who manages the production database.


I think you want to post this on the MongoDB forums. :laughing:

Though if something like this happen that could give Meteor, Apollo & MongoDB even further boost.

The question though is what does MongoDB want to achieve in this area, if anything at all and their focus isn’t elsewhere.

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It’s a great idea - would massively boost both MongoDB and Meteor adoption.

The thing is that adding mongo to a vanilla node app is pretty easy. And mongoose has promises which give you nice synchronous code like fibers.

But mongo could offer an open source stack that gives you a functioning fullstack app with easy hosting (and hosting since they’d have galaxy). Vertically integrated all the way through almost.

Yes its a greart idea…Would definitely enhance Meter adoption atleast…Though just hoping for the best.

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Might be pretty expensive for MongoDB to buy MDG, given that Apollo just got $22 millions in funding:


I was just going to share the exact same statement but you beat me to it :slight_smile:

I think we’ve to think of Meteor slightly differently. The way I see it is that since Meteor is used by Apollo (MDG) internally for their main product, and Apollo seems to be doing great (thumbs up to MDG), we can be assured that Meteor (the build tool) will be maintained for the long-run. This is no difference than other JS frameworks like the one from Walmart and Uber except Meteor is more mature/complete and beyond the hype cycle. Furthermore, Apollo was created to address Meteor’s data layer limitations and it can be adopted incrementally, so I see the two products complementary. In my opinion, Apollo/Meteor make more sense as a bundle than Mongo/Meteor.


Generally not a fan of mergers and acquisitions, and hoping we see a new era of anti-trust lawsuits that break up AWS and the other tech giants.

That being said, the value for Mongo isn’t necessarily in Apollo, but in the minimongo + ddp, which effectively works as a client-side replica set.

If they went that route, also roll in IPFS and BigChain to further their position as a NoSQL data infrastructure.