MongoDB WiredTiger: necessary?

I am hosting my MongoDB instances at They are deprecating the MongoDB Classic offer, so I have to switch the databases to the most recent version by end of June.

If you use the WiredTiger engine, the price tag goes up from $18 to $30. If you keep the old engine, it stays at $18. So I am wondering if WiredTiger is actually necessary to run Meteor on newer MongoDB versions?

Well, first of:

WiredTiger has been the default since MongoDB 3.2. I don’t think it is for hobby projects if you are coming from legacy and the cost to do that upgrade is almost double the previous.

If you are starting a new project then I don’t think you will get anything but Wired Tiger.

Interesting. I wasn’t aware that Compose has deprecated MonboDB completely, due to licensing issues. Thanks for the info. I looked at their IBM offering, but their intransparent pricing scares me.

I am wondering which (affordable) service I could switch to? Which MongoDB hosting services are other Meteor community members using?

I use the official MongoDB Atlas. Options and feature wise there probably isn’t anything better, plus it supports the company.
Can’t speak for any other options.


I would personally just move to Atlas if you are having to migrate already. We were on Compose and found their offering to really be lacking in comparison.


I was in the same situation and moved to nodechef. I didn’t like the uncertainty of the costs of Atlas.


From my experience, WiredTiger is a must have if you’ve high concurrency. WiredTiger performs its locking on the Document level, whereas MMAPV1 performs it on the Collection level.

I’ve done lots of load testing, and the difference between the two system is staggering. In fact, the first part of the application that gave up under high load was not the CPU due to pub/sub, this can be managed with horizontal scaling, it was the significant increase in the classic MongoDB response time due to locking at Collection level that choked the entire system.