Mongol 2, the insanely handy development package for Meteor


I’m happy to share that the super-reliable 2.0 release of Mongol is here! If you’ve been using it, try the new update as its very buttoned up. If you’ve used an old version that was buggy, then give this new one another shot :sunglasses:

Aaand… if you’re just hearing about it, Mongol is an in-app MongoDB editor for your Meteor application. It visualizes all the documents in Minimongo and lets you make edits to the documents that persist on the server. The best part is, its a debugOnly package so that functionality won’t leak into your production app!

Check out the more info on how it works and how to install it.


Great news!
I’ve been using Mongol in my every project since Meteor was 0.9, it’s very handy and to be honest at all I haven’t seen a lot of bugs in previous version :slight_smile:


Not sure how I missed this earlier, but I’m glad you posted this announcement so that I know that Mongol exists! In the few hours I’ve been using it, this and Jetsetter have both been super helpful. Awesome work!