Mongol hits the big 1.0, blazes past 1000 installs, gets INSANER


Mongol - The biggest boost to your productivity since Meteor itself!

If you’re using Mongol, simply run “meteor update”. If you’re still not using Mongol, you’d only need to run “meteor add msavin:mongol” to get started.


Wondering what changed since the first announcement?

What do you think should be next for Mongol?


Very thank for your package.
But now I have problem with I insert doc with custom _id like this:

  "_id": "002",
  "name": "Tehara",
  "gender": "M",
  "address": "Banteay Meanchey",
  "telephone": "070"

and then i insert the new one by duplicate btn, but can’t it show error duplicating.


Thanks - I saw your report on GitHub. I’ve never used it with entering custom ID’s because Meteor does that automatically, but I’ll give it a try tomorrow probably.

While I’m here, huge shout out to @krawalli @babrahams for helping push Mongol further!


Always a pleasure.

Keep it running!


hey @msavin question for you!
would it be possible to have a toggle which lets you see the whole mongo db, not just whats been published at that instance in time?
obviously this would not be too useful to turn on if you’ve got a massive db, but I think it would be a very useful feature… give you a server side view.


Haha I’ve definitely thought about it. It would take a lot of energy to build though. Would you pay money for that?


Just throwing a suggestion, how about an overview of what general fields are used and not used by the subscription in the current view?


@powderkeg Good thinking, I have something that may solve that need on the way


How much are you thinking?
Make it a pro feature and if it’s reasonable I will certainly subscribe :smile:
Anything that saves time is worth money.

I don’t even know how you could pull it off.
It opens up a can of worms too… does the client then have access to everything?
If that isn’t something you can get around, maybe you could force autopublish on/off with a toggle… don’t know if thats as easy as I just made it out to being.


Not sure… just need to see if I can justify the time commitment. Good to hear that people are open to the idea though. We need an app store for packages :wink:

I’ve got something in mind - probably a month away though. I will announce it at when its ready, feel free to subscribe.