Monitor the status of your API's with Rstful

Hey Guys!

I’ve been working on a web application recently and thought I’d share the idea with you guys! I’ve worked with dozens of developers in the past and I’ve noticed that whenever we worked with multiple API’s, we had to login to each separate account for the API’s to check the status or our usage (or make an API call manually).

I decided to make Rstful for developers like me and you. When working with multiple API’s, us developers don’t want to worry about the status of the API’s and have them go down while we need them or worse, our customers need them.

Rstful monitors your API’s for you at set time intervals (every 15 or 30 minutes, 1 or 3 hours, etc). It keeps a log of the response times of each API and their status trends per day and also an overall error trend over the course of a month.

We’re well under development right now with most components up and running. We’re working on adding as many features as possible before releasing the BETA.

There will also be email alerts for API downtime.

Rstful will be FREE to use during the BETA stage. If this is something you’re interested in, please visit and enter your email so we know the demand that we’re dealing with and can accommodate as many people as possible! We will also choose 3 people to get a free membership for Rstful after the beta program is over.

We would also love to get some feedback on this product and/or features that you guys would like to see added to the platform!