Monitoring Dashboard

I’ve been looking into different JS frameworks to make a monitoring dashboard that will later extend into more functionality. Mostly looking at monitoring Windows using PowerShell returning JSON. I have also been looking at different JS graph tools. I’ve been reading up on Meteor and like what i’m seeing. I also saw what Kadira did for Meteor monitoring and like the presentation of the data. Anyone have any thoughts on using Meteor for this along with JS graph tools? Thanks!

Also would using something like Asteroid make sense for this?

Meteor is great for this type of app because of the reactive features. Very easy to code a dynamic display.

There possible negative side is frequent updates. I have built a monitoring dashboard for a large streaming video distribution center (2000+ boxes), and there was quite a bit of performance issues when you have a high rate of updates (sometimes 30+ events per second) and you want to distribute that to many connected users. Meteor gets into performance problems rather too soon in this type of scenario.

Thanks for the feedback. Any thoughts on graph framework, etc?

Try this: meteor add maazalik:highcharts

It worked pretty well in an app I built for manufacturing analytics. I only had a few widgets per template so I never had performance issues. I also had success using Blaze to reactively style elements on the template. So you have a helper function that returns a color and then use style="{{color}}" inside a div on the template to change color depending on a reactive variable. We have it reactively validate a stream that comes in from a device on the plant floor. It works too.

You can use bootstrap to layout your dashboard such as Keen Dashboards ( and then populate the individual charts using any charting library such as Highcharts / Chartjs or online services such as /

thanks for the feedback. looking into the options mentioned.