Monthly Community Packages planning meetings

I had a talk today with @jkuester and we have decided to establish monthly planning and organization meetings for the Community Packages and other related projects. These will be hosted on the Meteor Meetups platform and will be held monthly on the first Friday of the month at 8AM EST (New York City time).

These meetings will be open to public and there will be time for people to bring their proposals, concerns, questions and funny stories forward as well. If you want to speak to lead on with a topic there will be a thread here on the forums to propose them. Speaking of which, you can propose topics for the first meetings in this thread.

December 2022 Community Packages Planning Meeting

Meetup link


Please feel free to submit topics in this thread. Following is a preliminary agenda:

  1. Go over organization issues
  2. Blaze 2.6.2
  3. Blaze 3.0
  4. Simple-schema v3 issues (collection2 & autoform)
  5. meteor-desktop
  6. async/await migration
  7. community website
  8. Open forum

January 2023 Community Packages Planning Meeting

Meetup link

There will be a new forum thread for agenda of this meeting some time during December.


Thanks Jan and have marked this meeting in my calendar. I haven’t heard about any progress on meteor-desktop for a while so I hope this isn’t just an announcement it’s delayed because other things are more important (again).

FYI @msavin and @efrancis - hope you can join as well

Good initiative, I will join

Adding community website based on discussion elsewhere. @alimgafar