Montiapm:agent in Meteor 3

Hi @zodern,

I apologize if this info has been posted somewhere already. Is there any future for Monti with Meteor 3?

I see this ( is heavily dependent on Fibers as well as /lib/kadira.js


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Very curious about this as well, since Meteor APM will have to go through this as well. @fredmaiaarantes

Don’t worry bud, @zodern and @leonardoventurini have already started hammering away at it way earlier than you think. They’re keeping a close eye on changes with each new alpha release and testing things out.

Disclaimer: I work with @zodern but not on the agent though.


montiapm:meteorx has been updated for Meteor 3. montiapm:agent is very close to being ready as @harry97 wrote. We might be able to create a beta in the next week or two. We haven’t started on our other packages, but I don’t think it will take much to update them.


Yeap, we have this in our roadmap, and we will prioritize it soon.


Yes, I am finishing adding support for Redis Oplog on Monti APM, as soon as I finish that I will tie some lose ends and release the beta for Monti APM Agent for Meteor 3. Next week should be in the right ballpark yes.


A little bit of update on this if you guys are interested

Typescript refactor got merged in to monti-apm-core with plenty of updates the biggest is dropping babel in favor of SWC and many more

Small correction, at one point we did use swc but later decided to move to the TypeScript compiler for better compatibility with older Node.js versions. Completely my bad for not updating the PR’s description. Sorry!

Babel is still gone tho :slight_smile: