MontiAPM, meteorhacks:zones and ostrio:files

In order to use MontiAPM Errors we must include meteorhacks:zones package in our projects.
But this package is incompatible with ostrio:files.
Once the zones package included, there is a client error showing up.
Anyone else found this problem ?

Error: Exception in template helper:
TypeError: this.forEach is not a function at (http://localhost:3000/packages/minimongo.js?hash=86995822b72c50ab992ee0d964b022c375d36cec:1601:10)

the minimongo code is

map(callback, thisArg) {
    const result = [];
    this.forEach((doc, i) => {
      result.push(, doc, i, this));
    return result;

the caller code is

return MyFileCollection.find(query).each(); // code to get ostrio:files

Not sure if this helps, but I was having similar issues with this package. I noticed someone had released a patched one on Atmosphere and that seems to have solved most of my issues:

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