More react nonsense

Maybe the Facebook genious’ named it react to subconsciously get developers to over react.

It’s hard to be open minded about something new and great after betting everything on react. Those who over reacted, will have a harder time seeing the advantages of a superior product.

Not that anyone is asking, but my advice to developers would be this: Don’t get trapped in hype. It’s much more difficult to change your opinion after telling everyone, “this is the greatest thing EVER”. You will be faced with pressure both socially and subconsciously. Ultimately, you will just make your life harder. Stay open minded and humble.

Just my thoughts. Has anyone else felt this way about the over reaction of react?


I like @sacha’s take when this argument first appeared. MDG itself runs their site on React. Isn’t that a bet they are making? Perhaps Angular2 will change things this summer, perhaps not.

I honestly don’t see the popularity of React as ‘hype’ and don’t get why it keeps getting referred to it as such - there are good reasons to use React.

How is betting on React different to betting on any other view layer?

I’ll just get the next soon to be 100 responses to this post out of the way:

['React', 'Angular', 'Blaze', 'Vue'].forEach((viewTech) => {
  console.log(`${viewTech} is ${['awesome', 'horrible'][Math.round(Math.random())]}`)

Eh, I think the reality in JavaScript is that any technical decision is going to have a shelf life of at most 3-5 years. So I wouldn’t even try to predict what will be hot in 2022, and just use the thing that is good today.


My fault.

I had an observation about react. It seems I made the mistake of titling the post “Should we be betting on react”. I was attempting to point out a problem with over hyping things in general.

So, since everyone is only commenting on the title, and not the idea, I changed the title of the post.


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Eh, I’m even less excited about the concept of “don’t get too excited about stuff because you might change your mind later”.

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What? You missed the point completely. Not even close. Nowhere in the post do I compare view layers. This is proof of my point exactly. Developers get boxed in and closed minded because of their opinions. You must have just read the title. Thank you for making my point for me. Perfect!:hushed:

I’m starting to think we need a stack-meta category…


I agree, better to write some code now instead of waiting for the next smart thing to get code working. Easier to refactor later than it is to get started later… The thing about any project up front is that you have so little knowledge about your problem domain, it takes time to refine a workable solution to the problem you want to solve.


Yes I read your post, and no I didn’t say (or assume) you were comparing view layers. I just thought I’d jump the gun a bit and add a response that summarizes literally thousands of posts to this forum over the past many weeks/months, that appear as soon as someone brings up React in any way. As for making your point for you … awesome, glad I could help!


Here’s a small anecdote that explains why I’m betting on React: the other day I was having lunch with two other developer friends. I use Meteor on the back-end, one guy uses Laravel (PHP), and the other uses Go. But all three of us use React on the front-end.

For all the people complaining about “hype”, “over-engineering”, or “JavaScript fatigue”, there’s a lot more developers quietly using React as a way to settle on a new standard way of doing things on the front-end, no matter your back-end stack.


I just want to add something to my original post. Personally, I have no problem with react. I think it’s just fine. The only reason I reference react, is because it helps illustrate my point. My complaint is about over hyping and the self promoting that goes along with it. The effect is the problem. Strong opinions can be blinding in an ocean of opportunity.

Yes. I’m really anti-peer-pressure, but it’s hard for developers new to the JS field to plough through the many JS frameworks and even the few dominant JS frameworks and then make an informed decision.

Then, when they do, to be faced with mixed messages about one of the key components. I’ve nothing against React but, being new to Meteor, like the idea that the ‘it came with it’ Blaze solution is a permanent part of the landscape. I’m bewildered by the messages flying around in the Meteor community. I’m even confused as to why Angular is such a recurring topic, when I came to Meteor for my personal projects as an alternative to the two dominant large JS frameworks (after my co-dev and I already moved from Angular to Ember) with a view to also finding something I could teach students.

Also, I’m puzzled as to why Angular (Google) and React (Facebook) appear to dominate the conversation, but I’ve not seen a single reference to Ember (independent, and… Discourse)? Because I’m old enough to remember those times and watch fashions come and go, it’s as if Angular is the PHP of JS frameworks, i.e. the “default because ‘everyone’ is using it” choice.

Having lived through the ‘demise’ of XHTML, the rise of RoR, then Django, then the JS explosion with Backbone… Angular… and… and… you’ll excuse the [sigh].

add “4 years ago” and change react to angular.

You know MDG gives you the option to pick whether you want to use React or not… right?

If you don’t like it, don’t use it. As for everybody else, if they like it, they’ll use it.

Don’t try to convince a river to reverse the direction of its current. Just take your boat and go the other way.

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