Most Material-UI-esque Framework for React-Native?


Thoughts? Feelings? Opinions?


There are few. I use NativeBase. You could also check UIKit

Edit: Actually both are incomplete, so you could wish ScrollableTabView, MenuButton and some drawer component in addition.


I just ran into this article entitled A glimpse into the Future with React Native for Web, which led me to react-native-web, which led me to react-native-material-ki. I don’t know how synchronized the last is with Material UI or React Toolbox, but there is so much overlapping work, that it seems that it’s just a matter of time before they all converge.

We’re definitely interested in building out the FHIR components on a Materialized React Native/Web hybrid. For the time being, we’re dong so with React Toolbox and Material UI, but will be incorporating React Native Web and React Native Material UI as soon as possible.


Looks like bootstrap and making React Native less native.