Motivation sources

What motivates you during long hours of development?

Coffee, music, great idea?

Long hours of development motivate me during long hours of development :rofl:

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Really depends on the project!
Interesting projects are enough motivation by themselves.
I also really like refactoring code, it’s easy to get into a flow and really rewarding when you end up with more beautiful code.

When I’m really struggling, I use music, coffee, and the pomodoro technique

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I’ve been practicing a special method to be more concentrate.

After 25 min of coding, I stop and stand up to walk around for about 10-15 sec, then I get back to it and loop the routine. I found it very effective when applying this method to some long development projects.

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It’s important to get up and move around a bit, maybe get some fresh air, if possible. Music also helps a lot.