Move build and npm folders?

Hi, Is there a way to move the build and npm folders outside of the main project folder for local development?


You can move the build folder with the environment variable METEOR_LOCAL_DIR

I don’t think you can move node_modules though

Why exactly do you want to move these folders?
You shouldn’t need to under ordinary circumstances, so I feel like this is a symptom of another problem that we might be able to solve

Yes, not normal circumstance for sure. We are using cloud 9 to develop and it would be nice to use VSC locally with the cloud9 sync extension. But that extension tries to sync everything which tries to sync everything.

Development is much smoother and quicker after the cloud 9 move, but VSC is still superior to the cloud 9 development environment. I did start using which runs VSC in the browser. This works fine, but was still wondering if there was a way to use a local copy of VSC.

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It’s weird that that plugin doesn’t automatically ignore node_modules, or at least give you the option to ignore folders

Agreed. Code server seems to be working well anyway. I’ll just keep using that.