Move meteor to Google Cloud

Hi All, below are our current local deployment

We are planning to migrate our application to Google Cloud server, as i don’t have much knowledge in Cloud server.

Can someone suggest what are the necessary Google Cloud product we should subscribe?

Currently everything is in 1 local server blade.

Please correct me if im wrong. As of now, what i know is,:

  1. Google Cloud Load Balancing to redirect users to meteor apps base on domain name they coming from
  2. 2 x Google Compute Engine to run meteor app
  3. Google Cloud Storage to store users public files (images, pdfs & etc)
  4. MongoDB

Please advise what other things that i need to take note.


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I don’t use load balancing at this moment but I have 2 servers on Google Compute engine. One runs Meteor apps, other one for Mongodb.

I recommend add Mongo replica set, for your setup completeness