Moved code to a new machine and it doesn't work

Hey guys,

I have a Meteor app working on another computer. I have installed Meteor on the new comp, and did a ‘meteor create …’ so it made the standard boilerplate project. I then moved the code over, so literally copy pasted the css, html and js code into the Meteor-made files. Installed all of the relevant packages.

But now it’s acting like there is no db. I have inserted documents into the collection, so it’s not that the collection is empty. I have run ‘show collections’ and nothing is there, despite it being in the common js code.

Is there anything silly that I’m missing? I know this post is vague, just wondering if there is something little that I’ve missed along the way. Code is here, although not sure it’ll make miuch sense without context

Any help is much appreciated.

Without looking at your specific details, these are a few pointers that you might wanna look at:

  1. Install Meteor the normal way on the other computer
  2. Copy your source files, all of the except for .meteor/local (easiest s too just copy allof it and remove the ‘local’ dir under .meteor
  3. Start your app

Now, since you have the app specific meta data in your .meteor package, meteor will download and install all packages for your program.

So you can skip the part with “meteor create…” that you did.

Another thing to consider is that most (all?) default upload path will be localhost if you run it in dev mode (port 3000)


I’d also consider copying .meteor/local/db/

it will give you the original db you were working on

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Copied the whole .meteor folder over and it’s now working, thank you!

If you work with git / github then it will fix this kind of issues by itself. Because the correct config is set in a gitignore file it will keep the right files and forget the other ones.