Moving Back to Meteor Development

I submitted a pull request. I’ll paste the contents here for posterity:

This should get you up and going with svelte.

I did a couple of things:

  1. Update meteor to 1.8.2-beta.16
  2. Replace svero with svelte-routing
  3. Pass the required url prop to svelte-routing’s Router component
  4. Place a nav component inside the Router . This is required to use Link .
  5. Replace your anchor element with a Link component

I make a fork of meteor-svelte which uses the single version you have in package.json (and node_modules). It may not be ready for prime time, but if you are curious, try it out and see if it helps. (I also submitted a PR, hopefully Mr. Klaussner has time in the next few weeks to take a look.)

Thank you both! And sorry for the late reply. Will check this out. I wonder which thing in particular was causing the issue?

I can’t figure out where I saw it, but someone was mentioning they couldn’t get svelte-routing to SSR because it was double-mounting the routes once the client hydrated.

If you wrap your routes in a <div>, it will fix the problem.

I believe it was Mr. @captainn who had that problem.

I actually just fixed that problem (it was a silly error). The thing I’m having trouble getting to work is routing + loadable. I’m just not familiar enough with Svelte to figure out how to get the loadable thing to work in SSR code (I’m probably pretty close though)


I got it all working (and it’s pretty sweet). Check it out.