Moving Meteor installation

Hi all,

You can’t just copy and paste a Meteor folder. I find myself having to Meteor create --bare and then copy/paste my files in, and transport the ./meteor/packages over.

Then it works.

But I really just want to copy paste Meteor projects, why is this failing? Any tips? (Restructuring dev->production server)

Maybe move via the CLI?

Just write a bash shell script to automate such commands … believe me everything can be done from a script

It’s right, because .meteor folder is specific to this project in this path. If you move path, many files need change to.
Solution: move your source code only. Ever.

Its the same project, he just wants to move it to another location in the file structure…

If you don’t need of local database, you can move and delete .meteor/local folder.

But, if you need local database, move and delete .meteor folder/local. Start app and stop immediately after. Then, get subfolder .meteor/local/db in older path and overwrite in new folder. I think that this is work fine.

Suggest: use some source-code repository and mongodb external. Thus, your app is movable easy. :wink:

What errors are you getting when you move a project?

I do this all the time so it’s definitely supposed to work

So I can just

cp -R myMeteorProject /var/www/somewhere/else

cd /var/www/somewhere/else


And it should popup on localhost:3000?

There’s a lot that’s confusing here, but first… Yes you should be able to use cp or mv and end up with the destination being a runnable Meteor project.

Addressing the confusion: Are you trying to copy the project to /var/www and then run it as a production app via the Meteor command?

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I’m running everything on Apache reverse proxy, I have PHP projects along side Meteor projects. I’m trying to entirely KILL php. It is eww. I do everything in Meteor now.

I’m also self hosting now. So moving stuff around and making production scripts and what not. But yes, I’m running meteor projects in /var/www/

Actually, if you have files uploaded in that folder that have their full path stored in the db, that path will be wrong after moving (ie. Meteor-Files default storage). That’s the only thing I can think of though