Moving off Iron Router

Has anyone had success from moving from Iron Router to React Router?

Any tips on a migration path? Any way I can run both routers concurrently during a migration phase? IR has become the bane of my existence…


Sacha made some really useful videos that probably cover most of what you need.

Although focussed on moving to Flow Router his approach of moving things to the template level is, I imagine, just as important with React Router. Once you’ve moved all your subs, layouts, data, hooks, etc. away from IR and into template wrappers then it’s really very simple to swap out the router so you probably won’t need to run multiple routers in parallel.

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Yeah al those IR bad practices are gone from my app. Its just about routing and all that! I need to get RR setup so when 1.5 lands im good to go!

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Is there a relationship between RR and 1.5? Some use of RR that opens up when and ties into V1.5?

React Router makes loading component page routes nice with dynamic imports!

At workpop our webpack projects took advantage of this to split up our bundles. Id love to make this same setup within Meteor + Dynamic Imports