Moving to async/await on client side but get weird error

if (shift21) {
          campersInRoom.forEach(async (doc) => {
            try {
              await Meteor.callAsync('changeShift', doc.FullName, props.campLabel, shift21);
    { type: 'success', content: `Room ${radio} changed` });
            } catch (error) {
    { type: 'error', content: `Something went wrong. ${error}` });
            //'changeShift', doc.FullName, props.campLabel, shift21, (err) => {
            //   if (err) {
            //     messageApi.error(err.reason);
            //   }
            // });

Generates client side error: “Exception while simulating the effect of invoking ‘changeShift’ Error: Called saveOriginals twice without retrieveOriginals”

Anyone familiar with this error?

Oh, perhaps this isn’t waiting for the asynchronous operation…

Maybe a for of loop.

Yeah you’ll need a for…of to process sequentially.

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If you want to call the methods in parallel, you can fix the error by adding zodern:fix-async-stubs to your app: GitHub - zodern/fix-async-stubs: Package to remove limitations with async stubs in Meteor

It’s the same solution Meteor 3 ended up using to remove the limitations with async method calls.


@matt54 ,

The error message indicates that the changeShift method might be trying to save data (saveOriginals) twice for each document in the campersInRoom array without first retrieving it (retrieveOriginals). This could happen if changeShift has internal logic that relies on modifying existing data before saving.

I have an “undo/redo” mechanism for user edits that uses optimistic UI too. I am getting the same error when I do multiple undo’s/redo’s in a fast sequence:

Exception while simulating the effect of invoking 'songPage.imtdUnRedo' Error: Called saveOriginals twice without retrieveOriginals
    at LocalCollection.saveOriginals (local_collection.js:346:13)
    at Object.saveOriginals (collection.js:299:26)
    at store.<computed> [as saveOriginals] (livedata_connection.js:312:38)
    at livedata_connection.js:950:13
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at Connection._saveOriginals (livedata_connection.js:949:33)
    at Connection.apply (livedata_connection.js:646:14)
    at Meteor.connection.apply (client.js:125:23)
    at ns.Collection._callMutatorMethod (allow-deny.js:442:27)
    at ns.Collection.update (collection.js:692:19)

The problem isn’t there when doing the same sequence slowly.

I am using zodern:fix-async-stubs, and Meteor 2.16

Any ideas?

Using zodern:fix-async-stubs should help with this, but it’s best to make sure one operation is finished before calling the next method.