Mqtt and live charts

The last weeks I digged into mqtt and had a really great time.
I was kind of scared of getting started with meteor/mantra, as a lot of people here doesn’t seem to be that happy with it anymore.

I have to say, i’m really happy how this worked out.
For nearly everything I needed there were already packages available and npm integration in Meteor 1.3 is just awesome!
The community is just great, #meteor-mentors really helped a lot!

If your interested in mqtt/live data charts with ~20fps :wink: or sth else please feel free to read:

Slight road bumps I crashed into:
css from npm packes: I ended up symlinking them, but I’ve seen there are already open some tickets so I think this will get fixed in near future
some packages require different react versions so you end up with a messed up multi react installation where everything crashes… I think these packages will get fixed over time.

I would love to get some feedback as it’s the first time i’m writing blog like stuff :wink:
What should I do better next time?