Mquandalle:jade: where are the generated spacebar files?

Hi there,

Total newbie here trying to run a jade+stylus+coffeescript version of the simplest toy hello app, but the counter variable does not appear in the body paragraph element.

To discover why, I wanted to check the spacebar files that I thought mquandalle’s jade package would generate, but I can only find a single head.html containing only the head tag (below local/build/programs/web.browser) while all the body seems to appear inside the local/build/programs/web.browser/app/app.js that seems to bundle the result from the coffeescript transpiler with the result from the spacebar to js compiler (which itself appears to rely heavily on nested callbacks, not the easiest code to understand).

Is this normal? If so, are we supposed to debug the jade template bugs by looking at the convoluted js without an intermediary spacebar file and accompanying code map to help?

I am using:

  • Meteor 1.4.1 (though my Windows 7 strangely keeps telling me that it is Meteor 1.0 in the program and feature list of the control panel) with the following packages


In the main.jade file I have:
title hello

h1 Welcome to Meteor!

In the hello.tpl.jade file I have:
button Click on me!
p You’ve pressed the button #{counter} times.

Much thanks for any tip, pointer, suggestion, etc.