MRC - Meteor Relay Chat


I’ve started a package / project to make a Meteor chat implementation that is modeled after IRC which can be used by any site with an easy way to over-ride with custom templates, styles, etc. It’s only got filler static html at the moment but was just started today.

I’m looking for volunteers to help - especially for setting up the Collections and Roles so new rooms can be created as public, invite only, or have limitations by access, roles or even items in user profiles (like gender, age, etc). Built in support system and creation of channels and anything similar to Network Services will be considered also. Possible interface to allow for custom code that would allow people to make something similar to their own bots as well.



If anyone has suggestions on proper structuring and packages let me know as well. I was just getting in to tmeasday:presence to get the online users for the names list.


hey, the demo is not accessible as your facebook application is still in dev mode.


Thanks for pointing that out! I just published it so login should work. Still static html and am working on basic functions so chatting can happen on the demo app soon.


Updated the github (demo inside it) and published the demo. All should be working.



Does it only work with facebook login?

edit: if you don’t want to add accounts-password, at least allow login using our meteor account. (otherwise some people can’t see the demo :smile: )


The Demo now includes every login method (except weibo)…


hey this looks cool. kind of like gitter but meteor FOSS! I have a sidebar chat on a site i’m working on but your system looks like it maybe better…

but, i can’t chat right now when i used it. i see my login in the sidebar but no response in the chat.


It seems to be having a Lorem Ipsum party :smile:


Ya it’s static. Just got started around same time the thread was made. Collections and more still need to be done. Most (or all) of us have used IRC so this is a Meteor version - with potential for some things to be done different. Right now the collection will auto make a default room and default admin room but I haven’t done anything else at all in the collections (see the collections.js). Permissions and proper PubSub have to be baked in so I focused more on the general concept while thinking that over. Proper setup of PubSub and Collections is my weakness by far if anyone wanted to help :wink:


I’m going to have to add a profile completeness check after login… logging in with email auth is a bit incomplete and there should be settings/options for using real names or nicknames (like IRC)


Added a username (nickname) requirement to all signups and if you do email signup you’ll have to input your name also. Besides setting up admin + interface the next step is to make the rooms, chats, etc. Would anyone like to volunteer and contribute in properly setting up multiroom chats + private chats + settings you allow invite only rooms etc. Collections/Mongo help needed most.


Published v0.2 with Joins/Parts/Quits… the private chat, multi-room, etc. was hidden for future versions while working on getting the one room working good first… v0.3 goals is to implement topics, kick, ban, gline, etc. functions of IRC into the MRC system.

As always, demo up @


Check the work that’s been done the last couple weeks… I still haven’t had much time but it’s coming along.


Published v0.2.2 with a better structure and starting to work on context menus and the first time run procedure a bit. Once it has the basic admin controls to deal with bad users it will be functional as a singular chat room. Then we can get to work on the ‘irc network’ type features to make it more complete towards a 1.0

As always looking for contributors, none yet…



I am having a bit of difficulty authenticating with my Meteor account. It gives a 400 error.

Something went wrong: Invalid redirect URI [400]


Not sure why because I have the correct api key and secret in the app and the redirect url is set to “


Fixed meteor-developer login but when I logged in accounts-meld recreated my account (with a new _id) and my old owner account was gone… which broke a few things when they looked for the old account. Is this a known issue @splendido ?


I just added banning and muting to the demo… but have a few tweaks before upping the version number.

Can see it at the demo: (but I’ll have to be online to promote you to staff helper or admin to use it)


I still get the error when logging in with my Meteor account:

Something went wrong: Invalid redirect URI [400]

What do you use to log in to the platform?