Multi page routing on Login

I have some queries regarding my first meteor app…
I have used {{> loginButtons}} for login after adding accounts-ui and accounts-password packages.

How can we navigate from this UI on successful login?
Navigation needed as below:

  • On successful admin login, a page will be displayed with few operations and will be having full access on mongo collection
  • on successful other logins will be allowed to view the reports.
  • on login failure an error message will be displayed

I tried using iron router but could not understand how to integrate it to fulfill this requirement.

Need some guidance to proceed further.

When I started out with accounts and routing I used Josh Owens Accounts-Entry. Good documentation, and easy to implement. That supports routes for successful login.

Otherwise, there are loads of tutorials out there for creating your own login / create account process. I found that the best way to manage everything I needed. Using Router.go(‘placetogo’) on successful sign in, and onBefore rules in the router itself should accomplish this. OnBefore can redirect the user if not logged in for example.