Multi platform video player



Does anyone have suggestions for which video player(s) to use for which platforms and (if needed) how to separate code for ios/android/web?

I need a player for short (30 seconds) movieclips, in high quality (or lower on lower bandwith).
I have full control over the movie format (I use zencoder currently), so I can pass different sources for different browsers/devides. I’m experimenting with HLS (or dash?) also.
I tried videojs (there are some atmosphere plugins for it) but that does not seem to work on cordova/mac

But maybe I should come back here when I have an example of something which doesn’t work for me. Probably easier then the vague questions above.

But there’s so much available, so some hints on what to use and how to split code for ios/android would be nice.

Thanks. Wessel