Multi-region Deployments

Is Meteor working on, or in discussion, regarding multi-region deployments?

I think this would be a great feature to go along with push-to-deploy galaxy sites. Especially considering the recent AWS outages in US-EAST-1.

Having the option to select multiple regions directly in Galaxy would make it much easier to manage high-availability deployments.

Depends on what you mean. It has been on a wish list of many people for a while and has been mentioned multiple times. As far as I know, there is no timeline on this yet.

Hi @mvogt22, what do you mean by multi-region deployments?

By your description, I would say that you want an easy way to migrate in case of downtime of an entire AWS region. Is that your point?

If so, today, the way to do this is to deploy to a new Galaxy region and change your DNS to point to the new ingress. As you can create new apps now using Meteor Cloud UI the only change required in the configurations would be the DNS part.

At Galaxy, we didn’t have any outage of AWS that would affect our client’s app, at least not in the last two years.

Now, if you are talking about the same app, running at the same time in multiple regions for the same users this could work already using, for example, Route 53 Geolocation feature, but this also implies that your app works correctly across the regions in terms of databases and other external resources that you may depend on.

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Following up on this.

Are there any plans to add other US regions to Galaxy?

Hi @mvogt22 which regions are you most interested in?

We don’t have an ETA right now, but we are going to evaluate all our regions next quarter

This is our form to request a new region on Galaxy, in case you haven’t done it: Galaxy Hosting Region Request Form

Just filled out the form! :+1:

I am interested in us-west-2, or any West Coast region.

I am trying to deploy two Galaxy instances on both US coasts for latency compensation.