Multiplatform Meteor Deployment with Offline Capabilities?


Hello community!

I am trying to find a way to make apps using a single codebase that can deploy as a web app, ios, android, and desktop which can be run offline (except for the web app obviously). So I have turned to you meteorites as I think I may have found a meteor-based solution taking advantage of some lovely packages.

So, I plan to use meteor-desktop or electrometer for desktop deployment. Which of these is better/less buggy?

I also plan to use ground db for offline use, or a combination of pouchdb and couchdb . Which of these is better/less buggy/more feasible?

Would this stack work? Is there a better alternative that I am not thinking of?




We have already built our app the way you describe (i.e with offline and multi device). Here is how we did it

  1. We used a local collection (Mongo.Collection) that we saved using localforage. This local collection gets updated with observers attached to the actual sync-ed collection
  2. For iOS and Android we use the Meteor Cordova approach – with open-source and custom plugins whenever needed
  3. For desktop app we used NWJS (as we already were using the Chrome App API as we are an educational app), but you can certainly use Electron. We built a local webserver that delivers the assets to a webview – this is similar to how the Cordova app works