Multiple actions assigned to single event

Hi all,

I’m trying to assign multiple actions to a single event but it doesn’t seem to be working

"dropped #dropzone, click #dropzone": function (event, temp) {

Gives me:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #dropzone,

Comma seperating seemed to be the suggested solution, but I’m now assuming that only works if it’s the same action, but a different selector.

Is what I’m trying to do possible or do I need to abstract the contents of the event into a function and call that from two distinct events?

Edit: Just in case it provides a red herring, the dropped event is added by raix:ui-dropped-event

Hi @nathanhornby,

This is not a native event, so you cannot use it in multiple query. Create a function and call it from every event. I have checked if

click #dropzone, mousemove #dropzone

works and everything was fine. When I’ve added dropped #dropzone nothing happend. A standalone event works :wink:

Aaah I see, so not a red-hering at all. If anyone knows (yourself included), is this a feature I could petition to be added to the dropped-event package - or is this a feature baked-in to the native events in a way that it’ll never be available to third party events?

To be honest, I have never used any third party events, ask package’s owner to investigate this.

You can always create dropzone with native Drag’n’Drop :slight_smile: