Multiple containers vs bigger containers in Galaxy


When deploying meteor apps to Galaxy, what are the advantages of scaling by changing the size of containers versus increasing the number of containers?

When are 2 standard containers better than one double container and vice versa, considering both options cost the same?

Thanks in advance.

In my opinion - multiple should be the default - it gives you reliability (in case one server crashes, or gets pegged by a single heavy request).

The only situations I’d choose to scale up rather than out is:

  1. Your resource usage doesn’t scale with connections (e.g., you have some baseline memory/CPU requirements).
  2. Your application wasn’t designed to support multiple hosts (e.g., inconsistencies or re-running things, etc)

Things get more interesting when you already have multiple servers - choosing whether to scale up/out at that point can depend on a few other things

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Thanks for your reply, I had something along those lines in mind but wasn’t quite sure about it :slight_smile: