Multiple devices on the same network cause app to fail to load

Has anyone in this forum built a meteor mobile app that was utilized by 10 or more devices (on the same wifi network) simultaneously?

We have built a mobile app on Meteor using Cordova. The app is deployed to and run on dedicated Android tablets. We have found that the Meteor app fails to load on power-up when there are many on the same network. The number of tablets it takes to create a failure varies by the network quality.

We have one location (DC) with 5 tablets on a 13mbps wifi network. Only 1 of the 5 will load. (We have power cycled a dozen times.) In another part of the country (LA) we have 8 tablets with the same issue. That is a 20mbps fiber connection. I am testing in a 3rd location (CO) on a 30mbps cable network, and I can get 5 devices running properly, but no more (I have been testing 12 for the past few days). We need to run 35.

The devices, when loading the Meteor app, get hung on a white screen when the tablet is first powered up after being provisioned with the app. (It boots to the app.) If we use the tablets 1 at a time then we can open the app and get through the initial setup/registration. However, if we then try to boot all tablets at one (or in sequence) they get stuck on a blank black screen.

This same app has been used by single devices for two years without an issue. Also, we ran 13 of these same devices on this app using a cellular connection on each tablet. The issue is specific to wifi.

We have eliminated wifi routers as the cause by installing multiple routers in a single room, each one only serving only a couple tablets. We have eliminated the tablets and OS by playing youtube on all 12 tablets simultaneously (on the same network). We have combed through our code and plugins looking for an issue and have found no underlying cause.

Any experience with this and corresponding suggestions would be much appreciated.

Have you confirmed if it was an issue with the app or if it was an issue with meteor + cordova? I’m thinking of creating a barebone meteor+cordova app (i.e. hello world) and see if the issue happens. This is not to point fingers but it can help narrow down the issue.

Another possibility I can think of is regarding server settings e.g. the firewall settings of the server is throttling connections when multiple connections from the same IP were detected.

I have created a bare bones app and will test it on the 12 today. Good suggestion.