Multiple instances of the same page(?)

im trying to make a multiplayer game, I have Rooms collection which holds an array of users, after 30 seconds all the users in that array are being redirected using FlowRouter to another room with a random room number (example http://localhost:3000/room?Num=WGYqFByszXq3khKkZ), after that I close the room.

After another 30 seconds the server makes another room and redirects all the new users which are registered inside the new array and being redirected to a game room (example http://localhost:3000/room?Num=BGHRKSAdsfds), BUT, the users in the first game room are rendering additional game cards + the users from the second room are “merging” with the users from the first room, im trying to make the 2 game rooms seperate how can I achieve that?

Code link: