Multiple node_modules directories on Windows


Due to all of the problems I’ve had upgrading to 1.6 due to duplicate files in various node_module directories, I’d like to get rid of everything I don’t need and do a clean install using choco, but at this point, I don’t know what is safe to delete. I’ve been updating Meteor for my project since 1.1.4 and have what would seem to be lots of unneeded node_module directories. I have one under


that I believe should just contain modules that myProject needs, there is one under


that I’m guessing is created as part of the build process, one under


that contains the modules Meteor needs, one under


which I think are global npm installs, and one under


that I have no idea what is used for.

In addition, under the AppData/.../meteor-tool directory I have multiple old installs.

My question is, what can I delete? I would guess the entire AppData/Local/.meteor directory can be removed, and possibly the one under Users/Ron. If I remove the one under myProject will it get recreated after I install 1.6.0 64-bit and I do the first rebuild of myProject?

Can anyone provide some guidance? Or am I going to have to make a copy of everything and then do it via trial and error?


If you upgrade to 1.6 using the choco installation method it should clean out your Users/Ron/AppData/Local/.meteor/ directory itself. If not, it is safe for you to do so too.

The node_modules in your project will need to be wiped and re-installed because of the major version jumps in V8 going to Meteor 1.6 / Node 8.

Also wipe myProject/.meteor/local with meteor reset

As for the two non-meteor directories, they will probably contain modules your editor is using and any other non-meteor tools you use on the command line