Multiple users for same account

I am making an app that my company is going to use and I want the one account for each department, thus every employee from a certain department can log in and use that joint account. Can I just create an account with Meteor’s account system or is it anything else I should think about?

That’s a really akward way to build your system, but yes, you can use meteor accounts to accomplish this.

You should really make user accounts, and assign them to a group collection.

Thank you for your answer! Would you like to explain that further?

Not necessarily. In my shipping department we have shared accounts like “packer” and “shipper” that multiple people use to get access to shared terminals. Eventually we want to log activities, like who did what, but until we have those tracking systems and reports spec’ed out and built, it’s just more efficient to allow people to share the same account rather than logging in and out of personal accounts all day.

So hard to say if that’s an awkward solution without knowing the context.

Sure, just use meteor accounts and create those accounts like "" and "". What’s stopping you?

If you need to control permissions by role, just add a role to each account and user that to determine access in your code.