Multiple View Platforms for Single DB/Server


I’m just starting out with Meteor. My first app will need to have a single database accessed by web, IOS and Android clients. I’m assuming I’ll have a single API, connected to a single db, and the various clients will just make calls against this. Is this supported currently?


Yes - that’s probably the most straightforward way.


Thanks Rob. How would I configure three different build targets of the app to use the same API/db? Is this easily doable/configurable in Meteor, or is it a stretch for the framework? Also, how would I go about doing this? Build a web version and deploy, for example, then build an IOS version, configure to use the hosted web API, then deploy that?


Can a swift and android app call a meteor app?

Wouldn’t you just be building a swift app that connects to the same mongoDB at (or whatever) and then an android app that connects to a db at

I guess I don’t see how swift/android is going to talk to meteor/javascript. Wont’ you need a mongo-swift driver?

Or do you build a REST API that android/swift can pass data to, and then the REST API does the get/post/put/delete?


there are actually a few DDP libraries for connecting ios/android apps out there which look fairly active. I’ve only messed around with it a bit though - may be good starting points?


I’m going off the demo here:

Where you can build multiple targets of the same app using Cordova. These will all be Meteor app’s (or versions of the same app). So, since I want to support web, ios and android, and can (hopefully) easily generate specific app’s for them as separate UI’s, I want to make sure I can use one data source/api.

My hope is that I can specify the API and DB somewhere in each app’s config so that they all call the same services.