Multiselect forms & filtering

Hello :slight_smile:

I want to have multiple multiselect forms on one page that are linked together.
Example: the first multiselect form contains companys like BMW, Audi, etc. The second form contains cars. I need those forms to adapt to each other: selecting BMW in the first form will immediately filter the second form and only show the corresponding cars. Since I am completely new to coding I have few ideas how to do this. What would your approach be? There are certainly a few packages that cover those usecases.
For example those: ,
However there are 2 problems with those: First: They do not mention multiple forms that can adapt to each other. Would it be possible with them? Second: They use the old syntax in the docs.
Note: I am using the latest version of Meteor + React.
Thanks in advance for your help and wisdom. Greetings