Mup 1.5 - Load balancing, zero downtime deploys, and production debugging

I am very excited to announce the release of Meteor Up 1.5. This is the largest update so far with some frequently requested features added.

Meteor Up has worked well when running apps on a single server. This release improves the experience when deploying to multiple servers:

Other highlights:

  • Many performance improvements
  • Production debugging. Use your local node debugger to remotely inspect or create cpu and memory profiles of your app running in production
  • Experimental swarm integration
  • More reliable mup status, and a new --overview option to quickly see if there are any issues
  • Many bug fixes and smaller improvements. View the
    full change log for a list.
  • Redesigned website at

I wrote a blog post with more details.

It should be fully backwards compatible. The update instructions are the same as any previous release:

# Update mup
npm i -g mup

# Update server setup
mup setup

# Update app config
mup reconfig

Oh wow. This is amazing!

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I :heart: mup, and this is an awesome update, thanks @zodern. I can’t wait to try out the zero-downtime deploys…

To anyone who uses mup I suggest you consider backing @zodern’s valuable contribution to our community here:

Edit: you can also support Zodern AND get an awesome APM service by subscribing to


Loved Mup! It was ESSENTIAL to our team when we were bootstrapped.

While I eventually migrated to Galaxy for the sake of peace of mind and wanting to focus dev time on features, I expect to migrate back to Mup as our core features start getting completed.

Well done @zodern and thank you!


This is wonderful. We at Fasal are using MUP for more than a year now for deployment on AWS and we :heart: it. The only thing which was itching for a long time was Zero downtime deployment which Galaxy had really good. Many thank @zodern :clap: More power to you and team.


This is great work @zodern!! :clap: Do you have any plans to update the Beanstalk plugin? We were just missing those ebextensions and I think we’ll make the switch.

This is amazing news! :clap: :partying_face: It was a long wait for these features but so awesome.

Is Tiny in any way involved? Imo MUP is such an essential part of the Meteor eco-system, it should get official support as it will definitely increase adoption of Meteor. (I can imagine that will undermine their Galaxy business model…)


Thanks @marklynch. Now that Mup 1.5 is done, I will work on a couple of updates to the beanstalk plugin. I plan to have a small update soon with the pull requests merged (including the ebextensions one), and after that work on a larger update. In addition to going through the open issues, I plan to also look into implementing:

  • Production debugging, like Mup 1.5 has
  • Access a meteor shell
  • Faster deploys
  • Better logging

Until I do more research, I am not sure if all of these will be possible.


Thanks @zodern, my business really depends on mup. Much appreciated. Will set up a contribution on I do suggest others do the same.

Edit. I actually tried setting up a contribution to mup about a year ago on, but then ran into some weird technical issue and gave up. Looking into it again, we now have Github Sponsors in full swing. Would perhaps make sense for you to set up an account there as well? Open Collective seems to charge 5% for their fees versus github’s 0%.

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Thanks for wanting to donate. I applied today to Github Sponsors and am on the waitlist.


I’m SO excited about this release and I can’t wait to try the zero downtime deploys :heart_eyes:
I encourage everyone who uses MUP to contribute using Open Collective as @zodern definitely deserves some compensation for all the works he’s done on MUP.


What a release :partying_face: I followed the progress along the PR but somehow missed this. Great work @zodern!

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V happy MUP user here. Thanks @zodern for all your efforts!

Wow, nice :slight_smile:

Is it possible for mup to setup a mongodb cluster with all the changes to how it deploys and swarm support?

Is it possible for mup to setup a mongodb cluster with all the changes to how it deploys and swarm support?

Currently mup is not able to, but someone could create a plugin for this.

Amazing work @zodern! MUP is an essential part of Meteor ecosystem and you’re the one driving it to the future.

I’m really glad we have you around!!


Good news, try the update now

Thanks for your work @zodern!
I’m also looking forward to the Elastic Beanstalk extension to give it another try. I gave up after having reliability issues (with longEnvVars enabled, and lots of instances, my deployments often and unpredictably failed).

This is great! I actually missed this post. Thanks @kimar for bumping it. And thanks @zodern for the great work!

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I’ve set up GitHub sponsors as another option for anyone who wants to support my open source work.