MUP and upgrade to Meteor 2.6 - Mongo Driver not accepted anymore

I have an older app running on our custom infra using Mup and the Mongo-DB version is still 3.4.1 and releasing a new 2.6 update caused the following error:

MongoServerSelectionError: Server at mongodb:27017 reports maximum wire version 5, but this version of the Node.js Driver requires at least 6 (MongoDB 3.6)

So from what I see there is no backward compatibility with Mongo 3.x, right? If so, has anyone successfully upgraded to Mongo 4.x or 5.x with Mup when there was already a running Mongo 3.x on the server?

have you update to the latest mup ?

I’ve done it. It’s not fun, but not because of MUP.

The basic problem is you need to go from Mongo 3.x to Mongo 5.x, and the Mongo documentation indicates that you have to upgrade through several intermediate versions, you can’t upgrade from Mongo 3.x to Mongo 5.x in one step.

After several false starts, I ended up downloading my database, deleting my Mongo installation on the server, re-installing Mongo via MUP with the 5.x version, and then reinitializing my database.

Here’s the MUP issue that tracked my progress. Note that you do need to make sure you’re using the latest version of MUP:

Good luck!

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