Mup best practices?

I was wondering how people generally have their mup deployment folder(s) set up?

Let’s say all my Meteor sites are in ~/Sites. So, e.g. ~/Sites/microscope, ~/Sites/todo, etc. Where should I put my mup deployment folders? Is it safe/OK to make a “deploy” folder within ~/Sites/todo and run mup init there? Or should the mup deployment folder be outside ~/Sites/todo?

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I keep it outside of the project. I have two folders at the same level: myapp (which is the project folder) and myapp-deploy. The mup.json file is in myapp-deploy and has this in it:

// Location of app (local directory)
  "app": "../myapp",

We use mup files under a directory called .deploy in the project root.
For our app is private and our whole team has access to all the deployment + projects. (Since we’ve a pretty small team)

So, it’s okay to put it under mup files in the main project. Because of that, we use codeship to deploy our apps.

We’ve two branches for deployment. Which is staging and master. If anything goes to master, it’ll get deployed to our main app domain.


Thanks, very helpful indeed!