Mup Deploy Fan!


Hey mup creator - I just want to say thanks for this tool, it’s really very slick. Of course, I tried to initialize it on my deployment server rather than on my localhost.

The automatic node setup is so sweet.

I can’t wait to get into Meteor 1.2. I am excited about Docker containers!


The mup creator is @arunoda


Agreed - mup is amazing - its author even more so.

Out of interest, if I were to start deploying a new project today, would I be advised to use mup or mupx?


I kind of “get” what mup does and have used it to successfully deploy several different apps (on different subdomains) to the same server, using nginx to direct requests to the right app instances on their various ports.

mupx uses Docker and, no matter how many tutorials I read (or do) about Docker, I can’t say I fully “get it”, making me a bit hesitant to try doing anything more complex than deploying a single app to a single server with mupx.


Isn’t there a module to run server methods from the mup command? This would be something cool, especially for migration scripts etc.


Migrations can be done without commands:

@babrahams It depend off course on what you exactly need but MupX seems to be a stable solution at the moment. Also it makes deployments with SSL much better (which will occur more and more).